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Suggestions to Stay Fit In Pandemic Winter

This year our lives are heavily affected by Covid-19. During winter low humidity enables flu virus to survive indoors for longtime. We all need to protect ourselves from two viruses by continuing to follow safe hygiene practices and keeping safe distances all the time.

Now the nature is passing through the winter. In several part of the world already winter storms, cold weather and flu season along with pandemic disease is affecting people lives. During winter apart from flu, we also could face other conditions like hair fall, breathing problems, itching skin, fever, cold, dandruff, allergy, asthma… all these conditions prevails during winter.  We need to take care of our body and stay healthy by taking some important measurements so that we can stay fit.

1) Don’t forget to exercise for an hour everyday – any form of exercise is good to keep immune system healthy and active.

2) Before starting exercise, warm up your body. If not you may hurt your muscles and joints.

3) Take hot water bath twice – morning and evening. Let the shower be quick – do not expose your body to too much hot water as it will dry your skin.

4) To boost immunity consider drinking khashyam morning and evening. It helps you keep your body away from cold and cough.

5) Have hot food. Do not eat cold food or drink cold juices.

6) Drink plenty of warm water. Drink warm water in empty stomach.

7) After meal, sit in lotus pose for few minutes for easy digestion of food.

8) Practice any type of breathing exercises (pranayama) twice a day.

9) Go to bed early and get enough sleep.

10) Keep a humidifier  in your bedroom during night time. It helps to remove dryness in your nasal passage.

11) If Sun is out and you feel less cold – open at least couple of windows and front door for few minutes to bring fresh air inside the house.

12) Wear socks to protect your legs from cracks. Apply Vaseline and other suitable crème to reduce the crack in your feet.

13) Apply oil on your body: Once a week, before taking shower apply slightly warmed sesame oil or almond oil or olive oil on your body.  This keeps your skin oily and protects from dryness.

14) Don’t forget to apply oil on your hair. Dry weather damages hair totally and you may end up in losing lot of hair. Applying good hair oil helps in reducing hair fall during winter.

15) Use skin friendly bath soaps, hand soaps and moisturizers to keep yourself protected from dryness.

16) Instead of having cold salad, drink hot soup -vegetable soup (mixed) or other varieties of soup – lentil, pea, beet root, tomato, carrot, pumpkin soups will help to face the winter weather.

17) Add few Tulsi leaves to boiled water and drink throughout the day.

18) Eat those vegetables and fruits that are available during winter season.

19) When stepping out wear warm clothes. Cover head with cap or hoodie.

20) Don’t forget to wear your mask as we are still facing Covid-19 issues. After returning home, wash hands thoroughly.

21) Practice gargling and steam inhaling for better breathing.

Image credit: Image by Pexels from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 4, 2022

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