Health of organs

Do You Know These Health Facts

Health of our organs depends on what we eat and habits. Knowing health facts like which factors promotes our health and what causes damages to organs can help us to protect the body.

  1. If you skip breakfast, you will be hurting stomach because prolonged absence of food in stomach leads to acid reflux
  2. If you do not sleep on time and won’t wake up on time, it could lead to a disturbance in gall bladder detoxification.
  3. Drinking not enough water could damage kidneys. Water helps to remove toxins from kidney. Dehydration of kidney leads to stress in kidneys. Keep your kidneys water wise and know how much water one should intake everyday.
  4. Eating cold food could lead to bloating, gas and improper digestion that could harm intestine.
  5. Eating too much spicy food will lead to acid reflux and can harm digestive system
  6. Eating fried items, fast foods, junk food could lead to damage of liver.
  7. Continuous exposure to smoke and tobacco products results in damage of lungs
  8. Too much of salt, oil in food leads to bad cholesterol in body and results in heart conditions
  9. Eating sweets, sugar leads to damage of pancreas. Pancreas makes insulin the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Eating high calorie sweets results in pancreas inflammation.  
  10. Exposure to mobile light and reading on computer and mobile screen leads to damage of retina and poor vision
  11. Always thinking and talking negative about life leads to stress and damages brain cells.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 11, 2022

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