Live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest

Grandma has advice for you to accomplish Happy, Healthy life. Live your life fullest by keeping yourself in good shape and happy with these advice. Realize your potential, recheck your goal, set right attitude and live life with a purpose… live life to the fullest

For Happiness

  1. Smile and surround yourself with better company
  2. Make time for adventures
  3. Read old, good books
  4. Reach to people whom you feel comfortable with – don’t let them slip from your life
  5. Save and spend wisely
  6. Let your inner child come out once a while, do something silly and enjoy
  7. Give back to community, help others
  8. Adjustment needed in life, life is not perfect
  9. Spend time with pets and loved ones
  10. Explore nature, visit places, meet old friends
  11. Unclutter, simplify and make space to live
  12. Recognize and enjoy small pleasures of life
  13. To not put yourself in a box, learn and understand new things
  14. Say no to gossiping, avoid haters and make friends
  15. Spend less time on smart phones, emails, chats – instead be live
  16. Explore opportunities, learn new things

 For Health:

  1. Eat your vegetables and fruits
  2. Understand portion size
  3. Say no to processed nonsense
  4. Less sugar or no sugar
  5. Brush and floss
  6. Enjoy your work out, work out 3 days minimum.
  7. Make sure your personal goal will be fulfilled with your choice of exercise
  8. Eat more organic foods
  9. Sit less and walk more
  10. Strengthen what is weak, stretch what is tight
  11. Eat healthy, chose healthy seasonal foods
  12. Say no to junk food, fast food and soda
  13. Drink water everyday
  14. Cook at home, know your ingredients
  15. Let food be your medicine

Enjoy New year 2018 !

Listen to Grandma…

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: October 3, 2017

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