New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Suggestions to Honor your Body and Mind

New year is around the corner! What is your New Year resolution? Did you face this question? We all make New Year resolutions and once we step into the New Year, most of us will forget about it or tiny fraction of us will work on the resolutions. Research studies from Scranton University shows that only 8% of people achieve their goal.  What is this resolution – it is to make changes in our life- changes- that bring happiness and sense of achievement in our life. So, do not abandon your resolutions. Make a list of things what you want to achieve and act on it. Once a while look into your list and see whether you worked on it. You will notice positive changes in your life that helps your future.

Here are few resolution suggestions to achieve a healthy life while honoring your mind and body.

1 ) Stop eating fast food: All of us know what is there in fast food and what impact fast food has on our health. If you don’t know what is in food – browse and get educated. Do not neglect your health !

2)  Cooking at home as much as possible: There is nothing like “I don’t have time to cook”. It is all about our priority. Make health your top priority.  If you cook at home – you will know what you put in the food. Learn simple, tasty, easy recipes and cook at home as much as possible!

3)  Exercising 3 to 5 times a week: Don’t be lazy. Go to gym go for walk. Everyone needs minimum 3 days of workout. If you workout 5 days – half an hour is enough. If you workout 3 days – one hour is needed.  Make time for exercise to keep yourself healthy and happy.

4) Take a break from mobile phone and other technology: Were you on phone too much past year?  Did you miss important things in your life while being on phone? Then, make it a point to be less on mobile phones. Do not drive while texting and being on phone.

5)  Validating people in our life: If people are trying to reach you and you did not reciprocate in the past year, reconnect with those people who matters to you and validate the relationship. Take time to reach out to your old friends, and make new friends!

6) Stop judging people: Nobody is perfect. So, stop judging people. Let your comments be positive and encourage people.  You do not know what other person is going through in life, so stop judging them!

7) Stop trying to be too perfect: There is nothing like one can be perfect or too perfect. All are humans and so are you.  Do not try to show that you are perfect and do not find faults all the time in others.  It will cause stress in you and for others. Relax and enjoy your life. After all, we all learn by our mistakes (once a while)!

8) Stop comparing and hating yourself: You may not be the most beautiful person outside. It does not matter as long as you are beautiful and kind inside. Remember outside beauty has short life.  So stop comparing yourself and hating yourself.  Stop comparing your life style with others. As they say, grass looks green from far away!

9) Cut down on unnecessary spending: Do you have habit of spending unnecessarily? Think twice before spending your parent’s money or for that matter, even your hard earn money. If you already own those stuffs- then why buy more? Save money for the future.

10) Traveling to beautiful places: Make time to travel, visit beautiful places or reconnect with nature.  Learn about other culture, every place will have something to offer in terms of knowledge.

11) Helping others to help us:  Make time to volunteer in places where they need volunteer. Help people who are in need so that if brings smiles on their face and brings the real meaning of contentment and happiness in your mind.

12)  Playing less video games: Go out and play in ground or play with friends in recreational clubs, gyms etc.  This will take you out of home and from four walls. Sitting in one-place and playing video games acts on your mind and can have more impact that can be negative.

13) Learn something new: Come out of your comfort zone. Learn something new – painting, singing, dancing, writing, web designing, crochet, photography etc. will help you build your confidence.

14) Spending time with family: Family is very important – call your siblings, talk to your parents and grandparents.  If you have a problem with family, talk it over and try to resolve the issues.  This gives you more support and brings calmness.

15)  Reduce your anger: Are you short tempered? Then, you would have felt unhappy and hurtful most times. Try yoga, meditation and practice calmness. This will help you to control the anger and helps you make good decision.

16) Be Positive and cheerful: Move away from negative thoughts and negative people. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage your good deeds and help to achieve happiness.  Keep smiling so that the world around you will feel better because of you!

17) Be kind to animals and plants: Do not be harsh to plants and animals. Remember they are living beings like you!

18) Quit bad habit/ habits: If you have any bad habits – from nose picking to not washing hands after using toilet -stop it! Buy tissue boxes and learn what is hygiene really means -Otherwise you will continue to be a laughing stock for all!

19) Do not try to please everyone: Gosh! Stop trying to please everyone around you. Not everyone can like you.  Right people will love the real you.

20) Get more organized: Well, It sounds difficult for most of us – Try to organize your closet, books and room. Keep notes of things to remember.  This will help you to have mental clarity and not lose tract of things that you need to do.

21) Be in the present moment: As they say, “do not let your past steal your present” Or “we don’t know what future holds for us”. So learn to live in the present and you will find peace!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 29, 2023

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