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14 Tips to help babies sleep

14 Tips to help babies sleep

For young mothers, it is a challenge to put babies sleep. Quietly you put baby to sleep and turn around, there you go… next second, you will hear baby crying. Sometimes it is frustrating and you don’t know what to do. Grandma has few tips that can help you to make your baby sleep fast and better. Listen to grandma’s advice for young mothers

  1.  Hair drier noise or run a fan to create a gentle hum that masks other sounds.
  2. Gentle bottom pat helps- Pat baby at the bottom for few seconds in a rhythmic manner
  3. Staring contest with the baby – With lot of affection and love stare at baby and she will sleep. Sometimes this may also excite baby. If so, close your eyes in front of baby and she will follow you.
  4. Give a soft towel to cuddle – Give a soft baby towel to cuddle. Snuggling soft towel gives the baby comfort and she sleeps well.
  5. Show them a very short video of lullaby – Hold your smart phone at a distance and play the lullaby. Best is mother singing to her baby- it always works miracle.
  6. Stroke between the eyes – using your fingers gently stroke between to eyes/eye brows. It puts the baby to sleep fast.
  7. A warm water bath with gentle stroke helps. It relaxes baby’s body and she will sleep before you know.
  8. Instead of keeping fragrant oil in baby’s room, use baby detergent to clean the crib that you use for washing baby’s clothes. This familiar odor helps baby to sleep better and fast.
  9. When you put your baby to sleep in the crib, keep your hand gently on her stomach, arms and head – it gives loving comfort
  10. Bed time is important – Establish a bed time for baby. For babies under 1 year 6:30 pm to 7 pm is the ideal bed time as per the pediatricians.
  11. Let there be a very soft light in your baby’s room while baby is sleeping.
  12. Give a gentle massage for baby – use baby safe oil and rub gently on the body. Massage helps in relaxation of baby’s muscles.
  13. Tell a bed time story in a soft voice to put baby sleep fast. Soft voice helps in soothing baby and don’t forget- she is familiar with your voice while she was in your womb itself
  14. Gentle cuddling – lie down next to your baby and cuddle her till she goes to sleep.

Image credit: Photo by Barbara Alçada on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 12, 2017

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