Ten simple changes that can make you happy

Ten simple changes that can make you happy

When positive things and positive people surround you, a positive energy flows  in your mind and body. Instead of saying can I do it, you will say I can do it, why cannot I do it. The enthusiasm and energy raises. This brings a positive change in your life and helps change your mind set about reaching for dreams. How can we create the positive atmosphere in a day-to-day life? The simple adjustments that one can make in life will definitely helps to bring happiness and positivity in life.

1. Set your everyday goal

When you wake up in the morning visualize your day ahead and give yourself one clear goal to achieve in the next eight hours. Write it down and use it to motivate you through the day. Remember the goal throughout the day. Achieve the goal and think about it before going to bed, sleep happily.

2. Practice yoga

To boost your mood and enhance the mindfulness practice yoga. Yoga helps you to reduce anger, anxiety and fatigue. Develop a quick yoga routine for yourself and enjoy your day!

3. Get 20-minute walk

Research has shown that being outside for just 20 minutes not only boosts your mood, but also broadens thinking and improves your working memory. Serotonin the happy hormone level increases when your spend time outdoors – garden, park, walk in city or in the market. Get fresh air for the body to relax.

4. Be in touch

Catch up with friends, talk to them. Move away from social media. Like, share, comments can wait. Talk to friends and spend time with them. Friendship is vital to happiness and there is not substitute for real communication or conversation. There is more to talk in person than just by doing SMS, text or whatsapp.

5. A good bath

Studies have found that bathing improves wellness and increases our internal feelings of positivity. Take a good bath and enjoy the calmness of water. Use good bathing soap of your favorite and soak in the aroma. When mind feels the calmness, body relaxes and one will feel fresh.

6. Get good sleep

Sleep is associated with the repair of the body and refreshing the mind for the next full day. Lack of sleep makes one’s mind unresponsive and unhealthy. Get good sleep to react positively to find happiness.

7. Read

Reading helps to improve mindset. Reading helps to improve vocabulary and opens up the mind to new dimensions of the world. You will understand what is happening in the world and what innovation is taking place. It helps to boost your confidence. Read interesting books – science fiction, nonfiction, stories, science articles, about nature, animals, plants… this will help you to grow and be happy.

8. Take control of your life

Understand what is that frustrates you, take control of the situation in a positive way. Make things happen for yourself. It is not selfish, you are trying to find out happiness in a good way. Define your life, don’t allow life to define you.

9. Prepare your meal at home.

This is a great way to be happy. Get ready for tomorrow’s lunch. Take few minutes and think what you want to eat or your family may want to eat. Cooking is a skill and it helps you understand the food and nutrition. Instead of eating greasy pizza and French fries, eat healthy and be happy. You are the one who cooks and you know what went inside as ingredient! Good food = great happiness.

10. Be grateful

Show gratitude for what you have. It makes us focus on the positive things in life. Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.

Source and image: www.werindia.com

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: May 24, 2016

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