Grandma's Tips To Save Money

Grandma’s Tips To Save Money

Who does not want to save money? Answer is all of us. Do you know we can save money following some simple and easy steps.

1) Set a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it – Do not spend more than what you need to spend.

2) Go through coupons – cut and store them in a purse. Use them when you go for grocery shopping.

3) Make use of bonus cards. Collect the points and use points to buy something in your next shipping.

4) Make use of internet – online shopping of certain household goods may be cheaper than one available near you.

5) Do not prepare excess food – if you prepare excess food then make up your mind not to waste or throw food.

6) Store leftover food in proper container in refrigerator.

7) Store brands may be cheaper and equally good compared to branded items. Look for store brands.

8) Store loose coins in a jar and use them for grocery shopping.

9) Make use of economical substitution during cooking.  For example sunflower seeds, flax seeds all are good and tastes equally good as pine nuts.

10) Grow your own vegetables- if not in soil, use pots to grow tomatoes, chilies, egg plant, capsicum etc. If tomatoes are excess – make puree and store them in jar for other seasonal uses.

11) Prepare food at home – too many times eating out can cause health issues and can be a burden for your pocket.  Homemade food will be fresh and cheap.

12) Look for sales and grab the coupons – look for buy one get one free or half offers.

13) Put specific amount of cash in an envelop in the beginning of the month. Use this cash for your monthly grocery. If you use credit, debit or check – then there is a reason to spend more. Instead use cash and save.

14) While buying furniture go to those stores that sell second hand furniture that are in good condition.

15) In past decade energy saving bulbs are available. Use them to save on electricity bills.

16) Swap old, good clothes with friends and families. This will help others while helping yourself.

17) Use soap saver to save every bit of soap! Use good bar soap – they lost longer!!

18) Use refill hand soaps and cleaners – this will save money on the bottles that you need to pay.

19) Consume more fruits and vegetables and go meatless to save your health and money.

20) Once a while go for wild edible greens like amaranthus, centella etc – this will develop your tastes for good and healthy foods.

21) Use a reward credit card – talk to your credit card company about the offers they have and decide on best one that suits your needs – cash back on many cards is a common thing.

22) Instead of buying cut vegetables – chop your own vegetables. You will save money on pre-chopped vegetables.

23) Shop at stores that is best for you – do not spend in expensive stores to show your image – it is not worth and causes you double the money on many items.

24) Drink water instead of carbonated and diet sodas.  Water is best for health and no other drinks can replace water.

25) Take advantage of multiple promotions from grocery stores – Coupons, store member cards, loss leaders, catalina offers, multi-item purchase offers,  buy one, get one free offers, clearance groceries etc.

26) Learn the sale cycles of your favorite products- many products that are your favorites can go on sales once a while. Understand how and when the sale cycle happens.

27) When you buy cleaners – buy cleaners known for multipurpose cleaning. Use specialty cleaners for cleaning furniture, carpet and any other expensive house hold items. Newspaper actually cleans better than paper towels – cheaper and leaves no residue.

28) Close off unused rooms to lower your heating and cooling costs.

29) Run full loads of clothes and dishes. Most of a dishwashers energy is used to heat a set amount of water, so running smaller loads wastes both energy and water.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 2, 2016

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