Your food choices decides your health

Your food choices decides your health

With many types of health issues that arise due to food, today people want to know what our great grandparents, grandparents used to eat that kept their health in good condition for long time.

Well, the answer is “you are what you eat”.

It means our choice of food and diet should suit our system and body. We should listen to our body and understand what food is good for our system and what is not, it is simple concept.

To be healthy understand what you should be eating.

The five different choices one can make when it comes to food are:

Go for seasonal produce: Due to advanced technology, in this era all types of produces are available in all seasons. You may be happy find your favorite fruit and vegetables in all seasons. But, what grows in that season is what you should be eating. Those foods that grows during summer are great for summer diet and during fall, consume those foods that grow in fall. With change in season your body also seeks certain nutrients and you should supply those nutrients by means of foods that grow in the season. If not, you will end up in certain body condition.

Look for native edible herbs: If you don’t get vegetables, go outside in a farm and look at nature. You will be surprised to see native, edible herbs that can be used for cooking, salad and fruits to prepare smoothies. There are many such edible plants grow in nature. Learn traditional cooking with using native herbs and ingredients, it helps to boost your energy. If you have space, grow such plants.

Homemade fermented foods: Start preparing your own curd/yogurt, butter, clarified butter, batters and pickles at home. Learn the recipes from your elders. Not only these probiotics are healthy, it will give a satisfaction because you prepared it. Healthy probiotics keeps stomach in good condition, and there is no need to worry about indigestion. These foods strengthen our immune system.

Cook food at home: No matter what, don’t always eat unprocessed, canned and ready made foods. Eat healthy and homemade food. When you cook at home you know what you are adding. You will not add preservative, artificial color or flavor to your food. You will cook with natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Try different types of vegetables and healthy foods. All it will take is an hour maximum to cook. You can afford that much time for yourself and for your family. Why to consume fast foods and risk your health?

Go for unadulterated foods: Stop using additives, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers in your food. Avoid GMO food. Go with natural milk and stop using hormonal milk and dairy products. Grow your vegetables if you have space in your backyard. If nature didn’t make it don’t eat . Chante to organic produces. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are safer than the chemical sprayed produces.

Incorporate these five mantras in your daily life and you will keep all conditions away from your body.

Image credit: Photo by Vo Thuy Tien from Pexels (Free CC0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 18, 2022

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