Grandma’s wise tips to granddaughter

Grandma’s wise tips to granddaughter

For a happy, healthy life one need proper guidance from childhood.

Our grandparent’s wisdom can guide us to lead a good and meaningful life.

Grandma’s wise tips especially to granddaughter can help her to reach places.

Listen what grandma has to say to granddaughter –

  • When you must face the world, remember that everyone else faced the world same way you are now. All will have that inner fear to face people, examination, stage performance, interview – Don’t be afraid. Overcome the fear and do it.
  • Smile and the world smiles with you – Say thank you to people who helped you. Compliment them for the work they did. Admire your friends and tell them what you like about them.
  • Do not be defined by your career or partner. You have your personality, change yourself for better and not to show off.
  • Body change happens with hormonal change at certain age. If someone makes fun of you – don’t worry. Keep yourself fit and be active. Watch what you eat and understand what nutrients you should have for your age group.
  • Don’t try to reduce weight by wrong methods (like Bulimia) or don’t go for binge eating or drinking. It is not worth.
  • Don’t give excuses for your unwanted behaviors. Being bird brined, air headed – are not reasons for your behaviors. Don’t forget someone’s birthday if you know you are important for them, or getting drunk or being late to classes or a party. Wish you parents, call them and tell them you miss them.
  • Don’t take anything personally. If someone does not get back to you, it might be for a valid reason. Don’t hold grudge on your friends and families. It can be bad for your life long relationships.
  • If you are on social media then read, watch and learn how good people can be and how you can be nice to others.
  • Be good to elders and be charitable. Their views are result of their culture and experience they went through life. Their knowledge and experience can guide you in your life.
  • Don’t hesitate to say sorry, if you know that you are wrong or you are the reason for hurting someone’s feelings.
  • Always stand up for your morals and support good cause. It only helps you in your life.
  • There is nothing wrong if you are part of house hold chores. Help your mother, father and if needed attend to your younger siblings.
  • When you feel down or want to talk to someone look up to your mother. She knows the best and will listen to you. Don’t hold back and express what is bothering you.
  • Try something new always – don’t lock yourself between four walls. World is beautiful. Explore the world with your friends and families.
  • Participate in family function. This is the chance to meet your relations and to maintain relationship with your age group children within the family.
  • When you plan on something, it may not happen the way you want or it may not work out. Along with plan A consider having alternated plan B or C.
  • Talk to parents about saving and spending money. Understand your family situation and how hard your parents work. It is worth.
  • Be safe! With computer, on road, at school – if something is not right talk your parents and adults. Better be safe than sorry.

Life has lot to offer. Enjoy life. Make new friends, learn new things, visit places and focus on the quality of life.

Listen to grandma:

Image credit: Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 4, 2022

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