Holi safety tips

Celebrate Festival Of Colors Holi With These Safe Tips

Holi is festival of colors;  it is festival of joy, and it is the beginning of beautiful spring. It is one of the most vibrant festival celebrated in India. Beautiful blend of different colors is used in powder form or mixed in water sprayed around. It is celebration of victory of good over demon and celebrating the power of goodness. Sometime when we are engrossed in Holi celebration we might forget where we are and how safe we should be- not just for us for others safety we must take precautions.

Here are a few tips and suggestion to make this Holi safe and enjoyable:

1.       Getting excited is fine, but do not be rude and boisterous to others. Be polite and do not let others be rude to you.

2.       Do not throw colors on pets, other animals, birds and plants. Holi is for our celebrations and not for them.

3.       Colors:

  •  Use natural and homemade colors. Skin friendly natural dyes are better for health.
  •  You can make natural colors by using turmeric, red chandan and flower extracts. You can prepare combination of these colors.
  •  If natural dyes are not available, get best quality colors that do not have harmful chemicals and get it from reliable source.
  •  Use colors that are easy to remove from body. Pink and red are best options as both colors are washable easily. Colors like dark green, purple, orange – will have impact on skin as they contain more chemicals. Dark colors should be avoided.
  •  If you have skin allergy, avoid playing with colors. Just touch colors with fingers.  Let others know that you are allergic to colors and stay away.
  •  If someone uses permanent dye, do not rub it on face. Use cleansing milk to remove the dye.

4.       Before stepping out to play Holi, apply cream to face and to body parts that are exposed. Rub some petroleum jelly on your eyelids, lips, ears, hairline and between nail cuticles for easy wash later.

5.       Don’t forget to apply oil to hair. This keeps hair free of color as colors does not stick to oily hair and can be washed off easily.

6.       Use a cap or hat to protect hair and head from coloring.

7.       Apply nail polish – thick coat of dark nail polish on both toes and fingers to protect the surface of finger and toenail

8.       Protecting eyes: Eyes are very sensitive and extremely vulnerable for Holi colors.

  • Use  Sunglasses or cooling glass to protect eyes from dyes.
  • Make sure that powder or colored liquid do not enter your eyes.
  • Make a note of clean water source and if something happens you will know where to wash eyes.

9.       Take precautions to not swallow colors. When someone approaches you with colors, close mouth. Some suggest wearing dental caps to protect teeth from staining.

10.   What to wear?

  •  Wear clothes that you don’t care if spoils and you don’t want to rush to wash them.
  •  Denim in dark blue, purple, black or green is suitable for playing Holi
  •  Wear breathable cotton clothes.
  •   Wear full sleeve clothes and  full-length pant.

11.   Do not go outside home during peak hours of Holi celebration. If you want to step out and be part of the gathering, do it so when the crowd is thin.

12.   Avoid people who are aggressive and want to touch your face and body.

13.   Inform family where you will be and note down the location. If the mob turns violent for some reason, your family can come and pick you up.

14.   Drinking:

Avoid alcoholic drink. If you are on high on bhang or alcohol, then avoid driving and reach home early. Do not go with strangers to drink bhang or alcohol. You don’t want to repent later.

15.   If you are traveling in car, as you approach crowd, shut the window.  It is better to take different road than driving through the crowd that is celebrating Holi. Avoid two wheelers or cycling in crowd. Maintain safe distance and use sidewalk if you must walk by the crowd.

16.   Playing with watercolors will cause wet floor. Do not run, jump, or dance on wet floor as it could result in falling and injury.

17.   Make a notice of security guards and police presence. In case of emergency or any incidents immediately approach them.

18.   Do not force someone to play Holi or throw the colors at strangers and random people.

19.   Keep pain killers, bandage, cream, allergy tablets – in case you or someone might need it, it will come handy.

20.   After complete celebration of Holi take bath. Wash hair, use shampoo and soap. Do not attempt to wash hair and body multiple times in the day. End of the day a good hot shower and washing hair is enough as multiple washing could result in skin and hair drying.

To wash face: Use a damp cotton cloth or cotton ball and gently remove colors first. Then go for bath. Use herbal soaps, besan, curd, turmeric and honey mix that exfoliates skin and then wash using warm water.  

  • Apply moisture to face and hands after washing.

21.   Bonfire: Instead of burning fuelwood, consider using cow-dung cakes, coconut waste and camphor for Holi bonfire. Protect environment.

22.   After Holi celebrations: Remove all litters such as color wraps, any plastics – cups, Styrofoam plates etc.

Image credit : Photo by Bulbul Ahmed on Unsplash (CC by 0)


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 20, 2024

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