Shoe care tips

Shoe care tips

How to take care of your shoes? Here are few tips.

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Ways to use citrus fruits

Use citrus fruits in many ways

Do not cut and keep citrus fruits for longtime. They lose their Vitamin C nutrients. Instead, squeeze the juice and store it in refrigerator…

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12 aromatic plants that should be part of our home garden

Twelve aromatic plants that should be part of our home garden

If you want to have an aromatic herbal garden consider these 12 plants that are not only attractive but also colorful and sends out the relaxing fragrance inside and outside your house.

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Use olive oil for various purposes

Apart from cooking and for salad dressing, olive oil can be used in different ways too.

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15 Egg substitutes for baking

15 well known egg substitutes for baking

Egg replacements are needed for leavening, binding and to moisturizer the dishes. Here are 15 such egg replacements one can try.

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Left over Veggies

17 ways to use leftover vegetables

If there is no fungus or bacterial infections and the vegetables still look good inside, then instead of throwing the vegetables we can use them in different ways. Here are 17 ways to use leftover vegetables

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Party Planning Tips

Planning For A Party

Many parties are celebrations of events such as wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation, inviting new friends etc.

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Essential Cooking Tips

Useful Cooking Tips

While working in kitchen we should be able to handle cooking materials wisely. This wisdom comes from experience.

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