Left over Veggies

17 ways to use leftover vegetables

If there is no fungus or bacterial infections and the vegetables still look good inside, then instead of throwing the vegetables we can use them in different ways. Here are 17 ways to use leftover vegetables

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16 potato hacks

16 Potato hacks

Did you know, apart from eating, potatoes can come in handy for varieties of works at home? Potatoes are popular foods and one can eat them in different forms. Potatoes are major ingredients of many dishes. Potatoes can also be used for various different purposes.

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Coke can be a good helper

25 different ways to use Coke

In olden days drinking to conquer thirst, people used to drink coconut water, lemon juice, butter milk, sweetened rice water, Borassus water and plain water.

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Use olive oil for various purposes

Apart from cooking and for salad dressing, olive oil can be used in different ways too.

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Keeping clean home clean

Keep a clean home clean

To clean a clean home, have a schedule. These periodic cleaning tips will help to keep a clean home clean

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Hydrogen peroxide hacks

15 Hydrogen Peroxide home hacks

Hydrogen peroxide is available in pharmacy and sometime in grocery stores in dark bottles. You will see a bottle of hydrogen

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Vanilla extract uses

Clever Hacks Of Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a natural food item that is used in dessert and other recipes. Apart from using as an ingredient in the food, vanilla extract can be used for other purposes too!

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Durable easy beauty tips

Durable And Easy Beauty Tips

Everyday easy to follow and durable beauty tips helps to keep our skin, hair and body parts healthy. Try these beauty tips to feel better in and out.

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