Coconut oil house uses

20 different ways to use coconut oil around house

In case you have old coconut oil, instead of throwing it use it for fixing and cleaning house. Here are 20 different ways to use coconut oil around the house.

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DIY insecticides

Homemade Natural Insecticides for your veggie garden

It is time to grow vegetable garden. One can expect nuisance from insects and bugs that stall growth of veggie garden. Synthetic chemical sprays can cause breathing issues and fatigue.

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Kitchen ingredients substitutes

Smart kitchen substitutes for easy cooking

Sometimes we might not have ingredients or essential cookware in the kitchen. Be smart and use substitutes for the ingredient that you are looking for. If you know which substitute you are looking for, keep some of the ingredients handy in your pantry shelves.

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Bubble wrap hacks

25 Bubble wrap hacks

When you get packages delivered along with the item you ordered you will also get another fun gift “bubble wrap”. Don’t throw bubble wraps away. Collect, store and use bubble wrap for different purposes.

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Hiking tips

Hiking tips for first time hikers

Planning on hiking in the summer? Hiking is a good exercise and you will get a chance to explore the nature and unpolluted air of forest and mountains. If you are a first time hiker, then keep these useful tips in mind

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Tips to control fleas

Tips to keep fleas away from pets

Fleas create problem not only for pets for owners too. Fleas are not good for pets and owner’s health. Fleas can cause itch

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Ways to stop food wastage

Twenty one different ways to stop food wastage and save money

Do you know, it takes many months and years of hard work to grow vegetables and crops? With population increase world wide, there is shortage as well as growing demand for food. Instead of wasting food and money, try and inculcating habit to stop food wastage. Here are twenty one ways to stop food wastage and save money

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Easy tips to clean cookware

Quick tips to clean cookware

Daily cookware that we use for serving or eating must be clean and presentable. Any unwanted marks that settles on surface or inside the vessels including dried water marks make them look not so clean. Cleaning cooking vessels can be hard.

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