Petroleum jelly benefits

The many benefits of petroleum jelly

Skin is the largest organ of our body and to take care of skin one product that helps definitely is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is made of oils and waxes. It is a mixture of mineral oils and natural waxes that generally available in medical and grocery shop. Vaseline is one such product.  It is used for locking moisture in skin, to repair damaged skin and to prevent dryness.

Petroleum jelly is inexpensive and lasts long. It can be used for various conditions of body.

  1. To get relief from dryness including lip and eyelids: When skin dries it can itch, flake, bleed and even cause rash. Instead of using irritable lotions or ointments start with petroleum jelly application. Another advantage of using petroleum jelly is it is safe on eyelids which is thinnest skin in our body.
  2. Chafing prevention: Irritation of skin happens due to chafing – it occurs when cloths rub on our body parts like thighs, underarms, around waist. Apply petroleum jelly to those areas that meets cloths like between thighs, underarms, waists, under breasts, behind knee to reduce chafing.
  3. Rashes: To prevent rashes, particularly diaper rashes both in baby as well as in adult’s petroleum jelly is very helpful.  Before applying clean the skin and then apply jelly.
  4. To heal skin: Small scratches, cut wounds, scrapes can be cured using petroleum jelly. It also helps to keep the wound moist and prevent scab formation. It reduces itchiness on and around certain wounds.
  5. Skin barrier: Petroleum jelly is not a moisturizer, but it acts as skin barrier by preventing moisture loss and keeps dirt away from skin. It helps and protects skin texture during dry, cold or airy wind. It helps in reducing irritation around nose and lips.
  6. Helps in eczema condition: Irritation, itchiness and scaly condition of eczema can be prevented by petroleum jelly application. For babies, application of petroleum jelly once or twice a day reduces risk of eczema and prevents outbreaks.
  7. For finger nails: To reduce brittleness of finger nails, after manicure and pedicure apply petroleum jelly. Apply jelly to cuticles once or twice a week to prevent cuticle drying. It keeps fingernails resilient and pliable.
  8. As lip balm: It is an effective lip balm and helps lips from weathering and chopping. Do not use flavored petroleum jelly as it might cause allergy and swelling.
  9. Protection from tanning: Before applying tanning bronzer, lubricate body with petroleum jelly. This reduces dryness and gives nice looking tan.
  10. Apply on knees and elbows: To keep knee and elbow soft and to prevent ashy, dry look apply petroleum jelly.
  11. Mix with body scrub: To get a good scrubbing experience, add petroleum jelly to salt scrub and apply. It reduces dryness, itchiness and gives soft skin
  12. Use as makeup remover: To remove tough makeup apply Vaseline on cotton and apply on makeup area and clean using soft cloth.
  13. For cracked heels: After washing legs, dry and apply Vaseline on cracked heels for fast recovery.
  14. Mix with lotion: To stretch thick lotion, mix petroleum jelly with your favorite lotion and apply.
  15. For hair: Rub little amount of petroleum jelly in your palms and apply on hair ends to reduce split hair.

Do not consume petroleum jelly as it should be used only for external/topical application. When applying on skin, make sure your skin is clean and dirt free. If you are new to petroleum jelly test it for any type of allergic reaction by applying it on a small portion on your skin.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 11, 2019

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