Power of Hibiscus

Power of Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants are not only good for gardening but also has several medicinal properties. In traditional home remedies, both white and red flower bearing Hibiscus plants have tremendous values. Both these two varieties have unique medicinal properties compared to other varieties.

Do you know that Hibiscus flowers are rich in nutrient contents? They are rich in Iron, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin etc with Vitamin C and carotene in small amounts. Few of Hibiscus traditional uses and home remedies are described here:

1. Reduces baldness or alopecia: Hair fall or baldness is a common condition in youths. There are no specific reasons assigned for this condition. Red hibiscus leaves and flowers are helpful for those who are suffering from alopecia.

  • Take 8-10 young (not very young) leaves of hibiscus and boil them in water. Allow it to cool and squeeze the leaves. Collect the slimy liquid and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave for half an hour and wash hair using lukewarm water.
  • Take 8-10 young leaves along with couple of hibiscus flowers and boil. Allow it to cool. If you are familiar with Shikakai powder and if it is available, mix shikakai powder with this liquid. Wash hair and scalp using this mixture. Care should be taken that shikakai should not enter your eyes.
  • Mix equal amount of hibiscus flower with olive oil. Warm the oil or keep it under hot sun. Strain colored oil and store in a bottle. Apply this to scalp and massage. Hibiscus extract helps in getting back normal and shiny hair!

2. Reduce eye burning: Take a cup of sesame oil and steep hibiscus flowers in it. Collect the oil and apply one spoon on the head. Gently massage. This gives a relief to burning eye!

3. Mix equal amount of hibiscus leaves and coconut oil. Warm the oil on slow heat or keep it in sunlight. Strain the green oil and store in a bottle. Apply this on scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and wash hair next day.

4. Durva or Cynodon grass has several medicinal properties. Mix Durva juice and white hibiscus flower juice in Coconut oil. Warm it for few minutes. Apply this to burn wounds and sores.

5. For anaemia – To increase hemoglobin level in blood- take 20-50 buds of Hibiscus flowers and sundry it. Grind and store the powder in an air-tight container. Mix one tsp of this in a cup of milk and drink. This increases physical stamina in adults too.

6. Memory power enhancer – Both hibiscus leaves and flowers exhibit magical power together on memory cells. Take equal amount of white hibiscus leaves and flowers. Sundry and prepare powder. Take a spoon of this powder along with little saffron in cow milk daily.

7. Coolant for body inflammation: Take few hibiscus tender leaves and boil in water. Allow it to cool and prepare paste. Apply this on body parts to reduce inflammation.

8. Hibiscus Tea: Hot or cold – Colorful Hibiscus tea has soothing power. Hibiscus tea is good for those suffering from problems related to; Blood pressure, heart ailments, strokes, obesity and many more.

9. Young leaves can be used in preparation of Rice dose (dosa). One can add young leaves in pakora or fritters. One can add them to traditional rice rotis too.

10. Take one or two inches of white hibiscus root and grind with buttermilk. Drink this to reduce sugar level and kidney stones.

11. Like Rose gulkand one can prepare hibiscus gulkan. Consuming one or two Tbs of Hibiscus gulkan reduces fatigue and tiredness.



Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: October 2, 2018

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