Marigold medicinal benefits

Marigold medicinal benefits

Bright orange and yellow flowers of marigold has several medicinal benefits. Small florets and petals of this plant has medicinal value. In many countries marigold is grown for commercial purpose because of its medicinal benefits. Calendula officinalis or Pot marigold is most popular species that has several benefits.

  • Marigold flowers are edible. All marigold flowers are not tasty. Gem marigold, French marigolds and Mexican mint marigold taste better and flavor is good. Petals of these flowers can be used in salads. Flowers can be dried and stored in bottles or can be frozen in ice cubes. Petals give taste to ice cream, smoothies.
  • Petal tea: Tea of marigold flowers are good for bowel conditions, gastritis and helpful in controlling acid reflux and ulcers. Women can use it for controlling menstrual cramps. Adding lemon or mint to tea enhances tea’s flavor.
  • Lowers inflammation: Drinking calendula tea or adding it in the food, helps to reduce body inflammation.
  • As saffron substitute: For dying food products and salads petals are used. Petals of marigold impart strong yellow color and throwing few dry petals helps to get yellow/orange color to dishes. It is a poor man saffron.
  • Petal ointments: Good for skin and is helpful in acne, warts and wounds healing. It is also good for sun burn.
  • Cough remedy: Calendula species extract is helpful in sore throat and coughs.
  • For infections: It has natural antiseptic properties. Ointment or salves made of marigold flowers are helpful in controlling fungal and yeast infections.
  • Heals wounds and rashes: Applying petal paste helps to heal wounds and skin rashes. In infants applying calendula cream helps to reduce diaper rashes.
  • Petal drops: Products containing calendula with garlic, St. John’s wort and mullein helps in controlling ear infection.
  • For antiaging: Flowers of marigold helps to rejuvenate skin. For this reason, it is included in homeopathic medicines.
  • Controlling bugs: Bugs like Japanese beetles can be controlled by marigold flowers.
  • Growing vegetables: Planting marigold plants in between vegetable patch helps to control insects as well as soil nematodes that kill plants. It also repels rabbits!

Marigold flowers also exhibit strong odor and cause nausea. Using them in lower concentration or in the dried form is better. If you are consider using them, look for products that have calendula or marigold and use as per the directions on the products. If you are breastfeeding or taking any allopathic medicines contact your physician before applying the product.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 13, 2018

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