Summer fun for kids

Summer holiday fun bucket list for kids

Kids have you ever wondered what to do during long summer holidays?

Apart from spending time with your smart phone, computer and video games there are so many things to do during a beautiful summer.

Always be creative and make most of your summer holidays. Ultimately you should feel that your summer holidays was well spent, fun and very productive.

Some ideas for summer holidays are here:

1. Volunteer at a nature center.

2. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook.

3. Visit the beach and collect shells. Be creative with collected shells and design some art.

4. Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.

5. Visit a farmer’s market and learn names of vegetables and other farming related items.

6. Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt, where you have to find something that starts with every letter.

7. Grow your own garden – flower, herb and vegetable garden. Grow a pizza garden!

8. Go for a picnic with your friends and family.

9. Go canoeing, hiking, biking and small adventures with your elders/parents, siblings and friends.

10. Visit a beach and build a sandcastle.

11. Write article or a short story and submit for publication.

12. Participate in walkathon and show your support for a good cause.

13. Have a backyard campfire under stars. Sing and dance with friend and family.

14. Learn to cook – learn recipes, ingredients, small meals, help out in the kitchen- pizza, rice, vegetable rice, pasta, noodles, smoothie etc.

15. Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you find along the way.

16. Identify the birds – take photos and share with your friends.

17. Visit local college, labs and understand what professors and researchers do.

18. Set up a lemonade stand and earn little money. Set up a car wash in the neighborhood. Learn how parents work hard to keep our lives safe.

19. Practice your origami skills and exhibit them.

20. Interview an expert – doctor, engineer, farmer, teacher, carpenter, scientist, plumber, shop keeper – and understand how their job works.

21. Visit the local library throughout the summer and try to read as many books as you can.

22. Practice making interesting shadow puppets and then put on a show with your characters.

23. Have an outdoor painting party using huge canvases or cardboard.

24. Plant a butterfly and bee garden with flowers.

25. Dress up in costumes, plan a treasure hunt and talk like a pirate, an actor, Disney character and develop your talent.

26. Turn the backyard into a carnival — set up a face painting area and games like ring toss.

27. Visit museums to understand history, geography, archeology of ancient era etc.

28. Make a giant hopscotch or Twister game on the lawn (with spray paint) or driveway (with chalk).

29. String beads into jewelry, learn to stitch, crochet , knitting and learn new designs. Design your own clothing

30. Be creative – make birdhouse, bird feeder using pop sticks and old wooden pieces.

31. Play mini-golf — or set up a course in your driveway by laying different size containers on their sides.

32. Make your own colored sand and create sand art.

33. Get a map of your country and learn all major cities, capitols and major places.

34. Set up a net and play badminton, volleyball or create your own cricket team.

35. Wade through a stream and search for minnows or tadpoles. Understand how amphibians live in river, ponds and lakes.

36. Investigate an ethnic grocery store and make lunch using interesting spices and kid-friendly international recipes.

37. Visit a zoo or an aquarium to learn about animals. Think how animals live in captivity.

38. Paint the sidewalk or patio with plain old water and sponge brushes. When the creation dries, start over agian.

39. Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and then decorate them.

40. Assemble a family cookbook with all your favorite recipes.

41. Make popsicles in Dixie cups using fruit juices.

42. Create a backyard circus – kids can pretend to be animals and dress up as clowns.

43. Volunteer at an animal adoption organization.

44. Visit a retirement home and read stories to residents.

45. Visit caves, temples, tourist places and learn about historical places.

46. Make crafts with recyclable items like stickers using old photos, magazines and repositionable glue.

47. Have a game night with charades, Pictionary and bingo.

48. Learn various types of painting. Sign up for art classes.

49. Learn yoga, Pilates – try various different poses and be flexible.

50. Do not forget to visit your grandparents, relations and explore new things in new places.


Have a enjoyable summer !



Image credit: Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 20, 2017

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