Importance of Family

Importance of Family

Instead of texting and sending messages, sit and talk to your parents and grandparents. This festival season do not forget to visit and spend quality time with your family! 

A good family bonding is important in everyone’s life.  Family is your blood and they are the people who accept you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Family is important because no matter what they will be with us and support us. Family influences the future of generation. In present day we are losing the family values for various reasons. The more we focus on making money and are career oriented,  the way we are moving with technology, the fast life these are few reasons that are making family to move apart. This is resulting in more nuclear families with no support system. What matters in the family is love, affection that binds its members. The less we spend time with family members the more chances of members are becoming strangers.

“Spending time as a family is a wise investment. How is that possible? A family usually plays a big role in children’s emotional, social and physical maturation” 

Family influences the growth of children: Happy family means happy kids!

Children in families that participate in various activities together are more likely to report having parents who show affection, and those with involved parents tend to fare better in school and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Those activities can be anything -watching movie, sports, playing games, going on hiking, exercising, singing and dining together. Family activities do not have to be expensive or luxurious to be meaningful. Families help children to build their self-esteem. When children feel that their parents value them, they feel more positive about themselves. The important part is just being together and enjoying each other’s company. Children academic performance also depends on parents and mostly mother. As they say mother is the first Guru of all children. Spending time with teenagers as a friend and participating in their discussion helps the teenagers to get better grade and solve any problems including bullying at school and society. Adolescents whose parents are involved in their lives tend to exhibit fewer behavioral problems. Studies show that teens that frequently have dinner with their families are at a lower risk for substance abuse.

Happy memories for lifelong

Family time creates warm memories for all. Children with happy family memories are more likely to create a loving environment for their own children when they grow up. Those memories will help to guide future younger generation in a better way for better society. Learning to work and play as a family unit, is one of the best lessons children can be taught so they can develop into competent adults as well as good parents in the society.

Reconnecting with family

Spending time together as a family helps both parents to reconnect with their children. During family activities, children open up and both parents can participate in discussions. This very good quality of both parents will have influence on children. Children grow and change quickly, so family time is a wonderful time to get to know the child better.

Bonding with grandparents

Wherever the grandparents are, it is always good to spend some time with them- during weekends or as often as possible. Instead of texting and sending messages sit and talk to your grandparents. Grandparents shower unconditional affection and love towards their grandchildren. Their stories about struggle in their lives, love, career or other interesting stories like great depression, war, building house or career will help both parents and children to bond much stronger. If parents show respect and love to their (grand) parents, children will mostly likely to follow their parent footsteps. This teaches them how to be humble, give respect and seek respect. By nurturing and teaching children during their early years, elders play an important role in making sure children are ready to learn when they enter school. Children thrive when parents are able to actively promote their growth and development.

This festival time do not forget to visit your family!


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 26, 2018

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  1. I would like to say love my family ,it’s important to my life they alto of thing that change my life love them

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