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Swimming safety tips

Help your kid to swim safely

Pools that pose the greatest risk of entrapment are children’s public wading pools, in-ground hot tubs, or any other pools that have flat drain grates or a single main drain system.

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Baby music

Infants, toddlers and love of music

Music has a huge impact on a child’s mind and body development. Parents should encourage their kids to listen and learn music.

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Pollen Attack

Pollen Allergy in Kids

Seasonal allergy also known as “hay fever” in children can be very irritable and can be very severe.

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Keep Children Away From These Indoor Plants

Poisonous Indoor Plants & Kids Safety

Did you know that many indoor plants are not safe for kids and pets? Poisonouns plants contain chemicals that can cause severe reactions

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Summer holiday fun bucket list for kids

Kids have you ever wondered what to do during long summer holidays? Apart from spending time with your smart phone, computer and video games there are so many things to do during a beautiful summer

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Help your child to read

Help your child to read

Home environment, innate ability and parents not getting involved in helping children to read are few reasons for a child having difficulty in reading.

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