Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential

Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential : Part 3

41. Discourage hot flashes: Menopause patients may want to consider taking up yoga as a means of reducing the risk of suffering from hot flashes that cause sweating and discomfort.

42. Combat osteoporosis: Individuals predisposed to osteoporosis – or suffering from the condition – benefit greatly from yoga as a discipline that promotes bone density and growth.

43. Reduce the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome: Yoga exercises improve muscles, joints and bones, which in turn allow anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to better their grip and suffer less from many symptoms.

44. Relieve diabetes : There is no cure for diabetes, of course, but anyone suffering from Type 1 or 2 can still stave off the complications by using yoga as a weight loss mechanism, stress reducer and a conduit for zapping triglycerides and cholesterol.

45. Make childbirth easier: Obviously, there is nothing that will ever make childbirth completely comfortable or painless; though certain yoga breathing exercises can promote relaxation and some degree of suppression to lessen the suffering once the big day descends.

46. Prevent strokes: Yoga’s amazing cardiovascular benefits make for just one means of helping a body stave off a potentially devastating stroke.

47. Control asthma.

NYU researchers have discovered that regular Hatha yoga sessions can reduce many of the negative symptoms associated with asthma and prevent the risk of suffering from attacks.

48. Improve memory: Regular yoga and meditation simultaneously relaxes and stimulates the brain, opening it up to more efficient memory and cognitive functions.

49. Supplement cancer treatments: Cancer patients of all types may want to look to yoga as a great way to stay as healthy as possible while undergoing treatment with a doctor. Because of its calming nature that massages and oxygenates every organ and cell in the body, it makes for an effective complement to traditional curative measures.

50. Lower blood sugar: Diabetes is a chronic condition, but practicing yoga on a routine basis serves as one possible route towards keeping blood sugar properly regulated.

51. Prevent and control Alzheimer’s disease: Because of yoga’s brain-boosting properties, many facilities catering to the needs of Alzheimer’s patients have incorporated the discipline into treatment routines as a means of keeping their minds as healthy as possible.

52. Comfort headaches: It stands to reason that because yoga benefits those who find themselves plagued by intense migraines, then the practice can take care of their lesser kin as well.

53. Aid digestion : Not only des yoga serve as a natural colon blow, it also encourages healthy digestion and nutrient absorption before the former meal makes its way to the end of the line.

54. Curb sugar cravings : Believe it or not, certain yoga moves can actually stave off the body’s desire to consume more sugar than it needs to function. Consider incorporating them into a weight loss regimen!

55. Reduce bloating : No matter the source of painful, uncomfortable bloating, there exists a yoga position that can encourage it to settle down.

56. Relieve muscular dystrophy: Though no cure for the diseases beneath the muscular dystrophy heading exists, many of their victims can find respite and stave off its debilitating effects through yoga’s strengthening exercises.

57. Ease the pain of scoliosis: Yoga makes for an exceptional workout for scoliosis sufferers because it strengthens and relaxes the spine as well as relieves some of the associated back pain.

58. Engage the autistic: Exposing individuals on the autism spectrum to yoga poses and practices encourages them to become more comfortable with themselves and immersed in their surroundings, providing them with a relaxed atmosphere to explore their relationships with the spaces they inhabit.

59. Relieve allergies: Use of the neti pot and its affiliated yoga technique has caught on in the United States recently, providing a natural combatant against seasonal allergies that does not require head-clouding antihistamines.

60. Calm down hyperactive kid : Rather than pumping kidsr full of downers, parents may want to take a more holistic approach to relaxing ADHD and other hyperactivity disorders through yoga instead.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 6, 2017

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