Lockdown and Mental illness

Health tips to protect mental health during lockdown

While we all are under quarantine to beat Covid-19, let us plan on keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit. Let us not succumb to anxiety, depression and unwanted negative thoughts.

Whole world is under lockdown and worried about the uncertainty of future with pandemic causing issues in mental health. In this tougher time one in ten people around the globe are living with mental issues.  For some, living with a family member or a friend who has such issue can be proving difficult especially under the same roof.  According to reports, around the world lockdown also resulted in mental illness for two main reasons – Financial insecurity and domestic violence. These two problems have turned minor manageable issues into crises in families.

Tips to cope up with mental issues and beat isolation: During these difficult times, one best option is to be with each other and help each other. To avoid getting into depression, anxiety we may have to modify our lives a bit and do our part.

  1. Talk to your doctor: Telehealth solution will help in this crisis. If you are suffering from mental illness, call and talk to your doctor. Keep up the appointment over phone or through video chat. It is essential for your mental health.
  2. Support and help others: Helping others who are in need, will make us feel better. It impacts the person’s life positively and make you feel better and satisfied. If you know someone who is going through anxiety and depression, help them to contact a doctor. Just lending ears and listening to someone might make them feel better.
  3. Physical well-being: Eat healthy – groceries and vegetables are available in plenty. Make good choice of food, well balanced nutrition will help. Exercise and drink enough water. Exercising keeps us in good mood.
  4. Sleep: Maintain regular sleep patterns. Avoid late night TV shows, stop opening phone before going to bed or while on bed. Say no to sugar, caffeine and sweet before going to bed.
  5. Share your feelings: Talking about how you feel and expressing yourself will not make you weak. This will help you to cope up with stress and helps others who are in the same situation. Together you will overcome stress.
  6. Reduce anxiety: To reduce anxiety, focus on things that you can control. If you are not fine with the information that you are receiving regarding lockdown, take a break from news and limit or close that part of social media that is increasing your anxiety.
  7. Maintain daily routine: Focus on your daily routine, create positive atmosphere not just for yourself, for others too. Get into useful activities along with your daily routine.
  8. Active mind: To avoid getting into depression, divert yourself in mind engaging activities. Look for activities that keeps you engaged and that works for you.
  9. Stay with nature: If you have not explored the beauty of nature, probably this is the best time for you to go for hiking. Bring nature inside- this helps in being mindful. Care about plants, birds, get out for a walk-in nature under sunlight.
  10. Meditation and breathing: If you are not into it, then learn. Both meditation and deep breathing helps to calm your system and helps to cope up with isolation situation.
  11. Maintain social connection: No matter what, everyday talk to your friends, those who know you well, will listen to you. Connect and talk for at least five minutes to get relief from troubled mind. Talking and getting connected is one of the most essential psychological need for mental well being.
  12. Positive attitude: The problem we are facing is not going to last long. Instead of thinking, I am stuck at home, say I will focus on myself and my home. If you are working from home, then think it as mandated work from home opportunity. If you are out of job, think it as a temporary setback. Continue planning on finding a new job, develop network, update resume. As you know more opportunities comes to prepared mind.

No doubt what we all are going through is a tricky and stressful situation. The whole world is in this together and keeping mental and physical health intact and in good condition will help us to overcome the situation soon. 

Image credit: Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 19, 2020

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