How to cope up with Job loss stress during lockdown

You lost the job because of impact of Covid-19 pandemic on economy. It is not your fault.

We are listening to serious negative impact of Covid-19 pandemic on world economy. People are losing their livelihood, there is increase in lay off, contract positions are drying up and companies are forcing employees to take early retirement. Many businesses are closed permanently. The result of world pandemic is hitting everyone’s door and taking heavy toll on relationships, happiness, mental and physical health.

If someone lost the job and suddenly out of work, they will feel hurt, depressed and feel sense of rejection. People will feel powerless and the overwhelming stress can consume life. But we know for sure that situation is going to improve, there is light at end of the tunnel. Till the situation improves and the job comes back how to cope up with the setback in the life?

With job loss one might feel loss of professional identity, low self-esteem, loss of purpose, strain on friendship and family, irregular daily routine and low self-confidence.  First, you are not alone in this situation. Millions of people are facing the same insecurity and waiting for pandemic to end. Even though it is difficult, think how to make use of the time and start establishing yourself. Here are few suggestions and advice.

  • Do not bottle up feelings: It is going to take time to adjust unemployment days. Instead of bottling up your feelings, just go through the feelings and let it slowly fade.
  • Understand your feelings: What is that going on your mind, how is your emotions – acknowledge your feelings and let your negative feelings go. Think what else you should be focusing on till you get another job.
  • Reality of life: Instead of constantly worrying and thinking “why it happened to me” – accept the reality. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will overcome hard feelings. It will help you to plan on future.
  • Do not blame yourself: This is not going to help, rather you will feel worse. You have not done anything wrong. Remember, millions of people are in the same situation. You lost the job because of impact of Covid-19 pandemic on economy. It is not your fault.  Remaining intact and exhibiting self-confidence will help you to fetch another job.
  • It is a temporary setback: Think it as an experience. It is a temporary situation that is not going to last long. Most successful people have faced major setback in their life. They found success after they made comeback, stronger with lot of experience. Think set back as an experience in your life.
  • Keep up relationship: Do not hide. Continue talking to family and friends. Don’t feel embarrassed and don’t withdraw. When you talk to people it is an antidote for the stress you are going through. It will help you to take control of the situation, brings some normalcy and you never know what opportunities will come in your way.
  • Register in career links: Develop network, upload resume in career links and job sites. Visit employment office. Interacting with people who are in similar situation can help you keep motivated. Think about your goals, have a proper plan on job search.
  • Talk to your family: Family needs you and depends on you. Let them talk to you. If they show concern and offer suggestion – listen to them. If children ask questions, don’t get upset. Help them understand the situation, do not scare them. You will feel better because you have a good family to back you up and they care about you. Spend quality time with family.
  • Relax and relieve stress: While your job hunting continues, keep yourself motivated with regular exercises, walks, focus on your thoughts and encourage positive thoughts in mind. Eat well, do not smoke. Drink in moderation.  Maintain balance in life, breathing and meditation will help you in balancing life. 
  • Alternate/temporary jobs: Big or small, to keep yourself occupied, look for an opening in shops that are looking for helpers, delivery of medicines and food, to stock items, cashier types of jobs. You will earn while on bench and it helps you to overcome stress.

Managing life is not easy in these difficult times. Accepting reality, welcoming positive thoughts and sticking to structured daily routine as much as possible will help to cope up with job loss. At present life may look gruesome but it will not be lost longer. Think about bright future and prepare yourself to receive a bright future.

Image credit: Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 20, 2020

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