Constipation Problem

Constipation Problem? Try These Natural Tips

There is nothing to get embarrassed if one has constipation problem. To keep up good health one need to have proper food that supports system to take out toxic substances from the body.   If the problem persists, it can cause headache, no hunger, insomnia, bloating etc. Instead of relying on suppository, it is better to take care of our food and other habits that are causing constipation. If you know what type of food your body needs then the constipation problem can be easily solved.

Reasons for constipation:

  • Reduced sleep and rest
  • Consumption of highly processed foods and fast foods
  • Consumption of laxatives for no reasons
  • Daily medications
  • Influence of seasons
  • Not drinking enough water or no liquid food diet
  • Too much of sitting work
  • No regularity in food intake – time and quality of food
  • Improper diet – not understanding what your body needs
  • Emotional stress

What habits and foods are essential to get relief from constipation?

1) Drink plenty of water and consuming liquid food.

2) If you consume liquid food – don’t forget to take nutrient rich liquid food like carrot juice, buttermilk, yogurt, lemon juice, spinach soup  types of food.

3) Increase quantity of fiber in your food. – Consume fruits and vegetables. Oranges, apple, banana are best fruits. Radish, carrot, cucumber, fenugreek leaves, spinach, palak, cilantro – all these vegetables are rich in fiber and light on the system.

4) Instead of consuming bottled and preserved juice,eat fresh fruits.  Apple, oranges and papaya increases the bowl movement. Try green apple to reduce daily constipation.

5) Other sources for fiber include:  Bran and other whole grains found in cereals, breads, and brown rice, Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, and asparagus,  fresh fruits, or dried fruits such as raisins, apricots, and prunes and beans. Drumsticks, egg plant, cabbage, okra curries helps too !!

6) Including clarified butter, oil and butter – about 20 grams helps in providing fats that are needed for easy bowl movement.

7) Avoid or stop bakery items – puffs, samosa, cakes etc. Avoid all purpose flour as much as possible. It does not supply any fiber to the body and increases constipation.

8) Eat whole grain breads, crackers – add sliced vegetables and prepare veg sandwiches whenever you consume bread or crackers.

9) Include – jowar, millet, quinoa, maize in your daily food in different forms. Flax seeds are best source of fiber and known to reduce constipation. One can prepare chutney powder and add this to bread, rotis, idli and other breakfast items. Add roasted flax seeds to salad. Seeds and nuts such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, or flax seeds, as well as almonds, walnuts and pecans – all are good!.

10) Include molasses in your food – jaggery helps in easy digestion!

11) Drink green tea, herbal tea in your diet. Reduce carbonated and caffeinated drinks.

  • Exercise and establish a routine: Exercise regularly. Bending and doing house hold works helps. Try yoga asanas – malasana, squatting, child pose, twisting poses to increase bowl movement.  Daily walk for half an hour helps stomach to be active and healthy.
  • Establish a routine or try potty training yourself – stick to you a time, practice it. If you drink warm water in empty stomach first thing in the morning your chances of going to toilet in the morning is more.

When to see a doctor? If the constipation problem continues for more than 2 weeks consult your doctor.

Image credit: Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 5, 2016

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