Office Hygiene & Your Health

Work Place Hygiene and Your Health

If we are working outside then we spend most time at work place and it is important to keep the work place clean and healthy.  Maintaining a clean working environment involves getting rid of the germs by preventing your work place from a host of illnesses. Many of us use public transport as a method of transportation between home and office and may carry several hundreds of germs in hands.  It is also possible and natural that colleagues who might be ill working with us. We use common toilets/restrooms in the office. It is important to wash hands before going back to work place, as there will be germs that can contaminate work areas. Keeping all these in mind, companies give certain guidelines as precautions to keep the employees healthy.

Good personal hygiene will ensure that employees are less likely to pass on harmful germs and bacteria to one another, which in turn means a healthier, happier and more productive office and workforce.

Guidelines for clean work place:

Clean your desk everyday: Before starting your work every morning make sure to clean your work area. Using mild sprays clean the desk surface and chair handles. Clean computer screens and keyboard using proper methods. Remove any coffee cups, teacups and wash them. Refill fresh water in your water bottles and make sure to cover with lid.

Make sure your office maintenance staff routinely cleans door handles, counter tops, keyboards and doorknobs with anti-bacterial solution to remove the germs.

Instead of using the office pantry carry your own coffee and tea mugs and wash them at least twice a day.

Did you know? Researchers at the University of Arizona found that an average desk at the office harbors about 100 times more bacteria than an average kitchen table [source: Weissman].

Do not eat at your desk: Take a break from your work and eat at designated area. Or have a dedicated area where you can go to get out of your own environment and have lunch, preferably with other people, so you can truly get that break during the day. This is good for you to refresh your mind and get to know your colleagues.  This keeps your desk clean and germ free.

Using restroom: If your company does not provide hand soap, carry your own soap and wash your hands thoroughly after using the common restroom. Use a paper towel to handle the doorknobs and if you notice unhygienic activities and if restrooms are not clean inform concerned person.  The germs which are present in these areas can cause diarrhea, vomiting and other serious illness.

Avoid touch as much as possible: While at work we touch the desktops, keyboards, telephones, doorknobs and workstation, we deposit a lot of dirt inside nails. With same dirty hands, we touch mouth, eyes and cheeks. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your handbag, keep a spare hand sanitizer at your desk, or use antibacterial wipes to clean your hands.

Dealing with sick colleague: Avoid contact with sick colleague. When one person in the office gets cold or a stomach bug it feels inevitable that anyone sitting within close proximity will also get ill. Politely tell them to not to touch the areas where you feel that germs can release.  According to Infection Control Today about 44 percent might go to work despite having a fever, and watch out for the 32 percent who plan on going to work no matter how sick they may be!

Practice good respiratory hygiene making sure hankies or tissues are around for anyone else to pick up and then immediately wash your hands.

Clean air:  Clean and fresh air is important for healthy breathing. Ensure that your office has a proper exhaust system in place as it helps in fighting the infectious airborne viruses, making sure that you are breathing clean and germ-free air.

Keep your body odor minimum: Personal hygiene is also important at work. Everyday wear proper and clean clothes. Daily showers and freshly laundered clothing will help keep body odor to a minimum. Daily wear fresh clothes, socks and don’t forget to wash sneakers (if you are wearing them to office).

Maintenance of hygiene at work place is critical. You cannot rely on other people in the office to practice good hygiene. For the most part, practicing good, sensible personal hygiene at work should prevent you from getting sick – and others as a result. As an individual, you can stop germs spreading by being hygienic in the times and places that matter. Practice good toilet hygiene and wash hands thoroughly. Follow proper guidelines and take proper precautions not only to keep you healthy but others too!


Image credit: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 27, 2016

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