Hottest chilis in the world

World’s hottest chilis and spice level

There are many varieties of hot chilis in the world and hotness level of chilis distinguished by spice level. Chili peppers are most popular spice used in all types of cuisine in the world. Chilli, chile, chili or peppers are most wanted spices around the world. They are known to cause the sensation of burning or heat when consumed. The heat sensation that originates in our system is incited by the amount and type of group of phytochemicals names capsaicinoids. These are alkaloids present only in chilis. The amount of capsaicionoid in chili pods of various variety depends on the genetic makeup of the plant as well as the environment where they originated. Capsicin or capsaicinoids are used as defense mechanism from chili plants against its predators. Scoville scale or Scoville heat Units – SHU is the measurement of pungency or spiciness /heat of chili peppers. The more the unit is, capsaicin is predominant in the chilis. What is the amount of SHU in different varieties of worlds hottest chili peppers? Information available in next few slides.

Do you know – all chilis have medicinal properties and used in both modern and traditional medicinal system from many centuries? Here are benefits of consuming chilis-

  1. Helps in digestion, stimulates salivary glands
  2. Relieves migraine
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Aids detoxification process
  5. Relieves joint pain and good remedy for arthritis
  6. They are source of Vitamin A and E
  7. Contain antifungal property

and many more…


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 8, 2019

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