Precautions for artificially ripened fruits consumption

Artificially ripened fruits: safety measures

Precautions and safety measures:

  • Consuming seasonal fruits is the best way to avoid artificial ripened fruits.
  • Understand the difference between natural and artificial ripened fruits
  • Wash fruits thoroughly under tap water to remove chemical traces
  • Before consumption- cut and examine the fruits like mangoes, watermelon, papaya, cucumber
  • Peel the skin before consumption.
  • Select fruits and vegetables that does not have spots and necrosis
  • Purchase fruits from known vendors
  • Do not buy cut and exposed fruits from open market
  • Throw away fruits that show mold and fungal infection
  • Do not purchase fruits if they are not from the season
  • Do not buy fruits that have uniform color.
  • Bring any such issues to notice of the authorities (FSSAI, FDA etc) – these organizations will act according to the Prevention of Food adulteration (PFA) act as artificial ripening using such chemicals are not allowed in many countries. Chemicals like calcium carbide are banned in many countries because of possible health issues it can cause.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 24, 2019

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