Moruga scorpion & 7 pot Douglah

Moruga scorpion & 7 pot Douglah

Moruga scorpion : Moruga scorpion is chili variety from Tinidad. It is also one of the hottest chili variety in the world. New Mexico State university identified Moruga scorpion as hottest chili in 2012 based on its spiciness and hotness.

Scoville units: 2,009,231

Hotness scale :9-10

7 Pot Douglah: Originated from Trinidad this chili is another hottest chili in the world. One pod of this chili spice equals to spice of seven pots stew and hence the name 7 pot douglah. These chilis appear in dark brown color skin and has pimpled surface. Initially green and later color changes to dark brown at maturity.

Scoville unit: 1,853,936

Hotness : 10

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 8, 2019

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