Scallions & Leeks

Scallions & Leeks

Scallions: Sometimes referred to as green onions, they have a pleasing mild flavor that lends itself to using raw in salads and as a garnish for soups, salads or pasta, as well as in quick-cooking dishes like western stir-fries. Green Onions have a mild flavor. The white ends are useful in almost any onion dish and are best cooked. The green ends are mild and are great raw. Scallions are available from spring to summer and tastes better in these seasons. When used with garlic and ginger they taste even better. Do not use wilted upper leaves and wash scallions thoroughly under running water before using. Other names of scallions: Green onion, bunching onion, Chinese onion, Welsh onion.

Leeks: Leeks looks like scallions. Unlike scallions the tender white portion of leeks sweeter and less pungent. Leeks are more fibrous and people eat it raw. Make sure to wash leeks properly and remove all sands from the plant before using it. Leeks survive winter and available in tough seasons too. Leek can be added in soup with lime and dill.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 21, 2015

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