More about Salicornia

More about Salicornia

It resembles asparagus plant without leaves on the coastal region of central Asia, South Africa, Europe and North America. Grows about 25 to 30 cm tall.  During autumn plant turns red otherwise it is green plant with cholrophyll. Hence the salt obtained from the plant appears green. It is crunchy, salty and tastes delicious.  It is commonly known as Crows’ foot, sea bean, sea asparagus, pickle grass, marsh samphire. In restaurants menus of Europe it appears in the name of sea beans, sea asparagus or samphire green.

Salicornia has been consumed for centuries in both Asian and European countries. In fact, chefs use them for garnishing the food. Centuries ago, sailors used to consume Salicornia to boost their immune system.

This green salt plant is used for stomach problems and to treat diabetes, to lower blood pressure and as an alternative to salt in Korean traditional medicines.


Image credit: Imagen de Ylloh en Pixabay (Cc by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 23, 2022

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