Matted Hair: What it symbolizes?

Matted Hair: What it symbolizes?

Unison of mind, body and spirit: Matted hair of Shiva represents the subtle form of breath that makes all living beings. It indicates that an unison between spirit, mind and body is important to achieve anything in life. Bringing these three key elements to oneness helps us to focus on the present and calms the mind and body. Focusing on subjects or matters helps to get clarity and ultimately to lead a healthy life. It means, balancing hormones, relaxing body system and gaining energy in the body to achieve both mental and physical health.

Trishul (Trident): What it symbolizes: Control of mind, intellect and ego. Shiva’s three fundamental powers are will, action and knowledge. Trident symbolizes destroying  any evil that try to change the direction of spiritual and intellectual knowledge.  It also signifies the power to destroy evil, ego and ignorance. Ego hurts anybody. When ego takes a place in our mind then we tend to do things that we are not suppose to do. We do not want to be a loser in life and we accept any type of challenges – some are not even possible to take in our hand. Things will go out of control if ego is not controlled. If we can take control of our ego, means free mind from ego then, mind will see a right path to achieve things. Ego free mind is calm and develops positive attitude. It releases happy hormones and right kind of hormones. This releases stress from mind and helps mind to reign positive thinking and in developing proper intellectualism.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 17, 2023

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