Mandatory isolation after delivery or death

Mandatory isolation- why

Mandatory 10-12 days isolation: We are worried about self-quarantine, isolation and social distancing and waiting for this period to end. Do you know generally the germs (microbes) infection, contagious and spread period is between 2-15 days? Some microbes take longer period up to 21 to 25 days! Our ancestors were aware of this science and designed certain rules to protect the weak ones. People often criticize this practice without knowing the science behind the practice. Traditionally it is known as “purification ritual”.  It is purification of body as well as mind.

Isolation after birth of baby: After birth of a baby, both mother and baby are isolated and treated in separate room where no other family members except the care takers enter. After delivery, mother’s body will be weak and her mental status will be fragile due to loss of blood and hormonal changes. New born baby’s immune system will be weak and tender body has to adjust to new world. If someone sick come in contact with mother and baby, it can cause health issues for both. To prevent such unhealthy environment in many cultures both family members and others are not allowed near the newborn and the mother for 10-12 days!.

Practice of burning the deceased and mandatory isolation of family: The science behind for this ritual is, when someone dies, it might not be due to old age, it could be due to illness. If the body is burnt, then the germs that are inhabiting in the body will die due to high temperature. This way the body will not spread the disease.

After someone’s death, the entire family will keep social distancing for 10 to 12 days. This is not just to perform rituals, also to make sure effect of (if any) germs that are transmitted from sick person to diminish and healthy environment in the house to be restored. This period of grieving also gives chance to family members to recover mentally and come out from the stress. We know stress in mind makes our immune system weak and people often fall sick.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 30, 2023

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