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Stop unhygienic practice and habits today

Unhygienic and unhealthy habits

Unhygienic and unhealthy habits that can lead to diseases that could be contagious and may result in deaths like COVID-19 outbreak!

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Brushing and bathing why we need to

Why to brush teeth & take bath

Brushing teeth after getting up from bed: If you are one of those people, who would like to have breakfast on bed, then you must reconsider your habit.

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Bath after hair cut & why we should trim nails

Shower after hair cut & why we need to trim nails

Mandatory to take shower after a hair cut :We often see people going out for haircut and then go for shopping or attend to other works. This is forbidden in many families especially in India.

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Mandatory isolation after delivery or death

Mandatory isolation- why

Mandatory 10-12 days isolation: We are worried about self-quarantine, isolation and social distancing and waiting for this period to end. Do you know generally the germs (microbes) infection

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Leaving shoes outside

Why to leave shoes outside

Leaving shoes outside :Reasons to leave shoes outside the house or in designated place:

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Good hygiene and good habits

Proven Good Old Hygiene Practices

Our personal hygiene and habits influence the health of whole community. Personal hygiene develops by practice and eventually becomes part of family and community. Personal hygiene is a need to control contagious diseases.

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