Bath after hair cut & why we should trim nails

Shower after hair cut & why we need to trim nails

Mandatory to take shower after a hair cut :We often see people going out for haircut and then go for shopping or attend to other works. This is forbidden in many cultures especially in India.

Scientific explanation for this is- everyday there are many people visit barbers or hair salon for haircut, hair styling, hair coloring, shaving, for shampooing etc. There is a chance that someone might have severe dandruff or skin conditions that could be contagious. If proper precautions not taken and saloon person uses same tools (scissors, comb, brush etc) between his/her customers, it could result in transfer of germs. Contagious diseases can thus transfer from one person to another. This could also result in hair loss. After visiting a salon make sure to go back home put clothes for washing (as it might contain hair strands) and take a shower. Shampoo your hair and wash.

Cutting and cleaning fingernails and toenails: Often you may hear your mom saying cut your finger nails or toe nails. It is a good practice because of health reasons. Parents may insists to cut your nails morning after bath. Reason for this is, the nails get softer after bath and it is easy to trim soft nails. Not cutting nails is a sign of poor hygiene and it could results in:

  • Bacterial infection: When we don’t trim nails bacteria and other germs will start growing and cause infection in fingers and toes
  • Fungal infection: Like athlete’s foot happens because of hidden fungi in toenails. Accumulated dirt in nails is food for fungi and eventually they come out infect your skin
  • Injury to body: Keeping long nails is a risk not just for you, for others as well. It can cause serious injury or even may hurt the eye causing damage to eye and severe infection.
  • Results in inward growth of nail
  • Food poisoning: When we eat by hand with dirty nails, infectious microbes enter our stomach causing food poisoning. This is also one of the reasons we must wash our hands before consuming food

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 30, 2023

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