Grandma’s advice for new born care

Grandma’s advice for new born care

Life changes with baby’s arrival. Responsibility increases and you will need to start sharing your love too!

Baby needs good care and gentle care.

A child’s body is gentle and giving loving care helps baby to be healthy.

Baby will amaze you with growth and it is fun to watch their world and behavior.

Grandma’s advice for new born care for baby’s better health and development is worth reading.

  1.  Baby bath: Make sure to check water temperature before giving bath! Keep towel ready always next to bath tub. And, don’t forget milk bottle – it should be ready too! Don’t attend to phone even if it keeps ringing hundred times! Never leave baby in the tub even for a second alone.
  2. Swaddling: Use a nice, soft cotton hooded towel for the baby. Don’t use harsh clothes because baby’s skin is soft and tender!
  3. Burping: While burping put baby on shoulder and gently give pat on back. This removes gas from tummy and reduces crying. Baby’s tummy irritation shows in her crying.
  4. Diaper: Always stock up the supplies along with rash cream and baby powder. You never know how and when indigestion starts. Always carry extra diaper in your baby bag.
  5. Feeding: Learn what baby needs – when you give her milk hold her in crook of one arm and feed her while holding milk bottle in the other. Use high chairs for baby when she needs it. Keep baby food in front of her and let her use her hand a bit to get to know the food. For first few months baby need liquid food and semi solid food.
  6. Dressing up: Dress baby according to weather. Don’t bundle up baby during warm summer. Summer means nice cotton clothing for baby. Winter time bundle up her when you are stepping out. Inside home use appropriate clothing that keeps her warm.
  7. Sleep: Let baby sleep on her back, not on her stomach. This avoids any unfortunate events like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Be around her and watch her for few more minutes while she is going to sleep. Your presence gives baby confidence and feeling of protection.
  8. Holding: Support baby’s head while carrying in arm. Do not throw baby in the air and catch. Doing so can only increase the chance of injury. Lift baby gently in your arm. Give massage using baby oil to reduce body pain.

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Grandma’s advice:

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 23, 2019

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