Which is your gut type? Find out now!

Which is your gut type? Find out now!

Grandmothers, nutritionists, doctors, chefs and food scientists – all agree that stomach is the main source of all types of conditions. The father of medicine Hippocrates had mentioned long ago that “All types of diseases begins in the gut”.

Recent studies show that all humans have five types of stomach or gut. Symptoms or condition of an individual can determine what type of gut one might have.  From stress to toxin – each one exhibits unique type of condition. Based on these condition one can determine the causes and take precaution in terms of food  to avoid developing and over growing of these conditions.   See what type of gut you might have?

* Candida (unexpected weight gain, slow metabolism, loose stools and exhaustion)

* Stressed (low sex drive, muscle weakness, poor focus, allergies and insomnia)

* Immune (inflammatory bowel diseases and IBS)

* Gastric (bloated, acid reflux)

* Toxic (inflammatory skin conditions including rosacea, as well as gall bladder disease)

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Stress Type Gut

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Candida Type Gut

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Immune Type Gut

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Toxin Type Gut

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Gastric Type Gut


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 31, 2021

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  1. been reading a lot about taking care of the gut and all the foods we need to eat for gut health. Do not know that we have to classify what kind of gut we have to know the right food to eat. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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