Ganga: What it symbolizes?

Ganga and Kamandalam

Ganga: What it symbolizes: End of ignorance and the dawn of knowledge and peace.

The river Ganga is the most sacred river for Hindus. Ignorance should not be an excuse to achieve good things in life. Ignorance can damage both mind and body. Ganga represents knowledge and wisdom and, purity of heart. It also indicates that Shiva is not only the Lord of destruction but also the bestower of knowledge, purity and peace on the devotees.

Kamandalam: What it symbolizes: Removal of all the evil from the body

Get rid of bad thoughts this is what Kamandala- the pot in Shiva’s hand tells us. Kamandala is carried by yogis. Shiva is Guru of Yogis. Kamandala is made of ripe pumpkin and has amrit in it. Similar to ripe pumpkin and nectar, an individual too must give up his attachment to the physical world and clean his inner self of egoistic desires to experience the bliss of the self, symbolized by the nectar in the Kamandalu.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 17, 2023

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