Fast 16 hours - Prolonged fasting

Fast for 16 hours every day

Fast for 16 hours every day :In this method of fasting one will be fasting 15 hours and within 8 hours window two to three meals should be consumed. To put simply after dinner, one should not eat anything and skip breakfast too. Your first meal is after 11:30 am! During fasting if one prefers can drink water, coffee or non-calorie liquids to reduce hunger.

Eating healthy food and snacks in the 8 hours window is helpful to reduce weight. Eating low car diet afternoon and dinner time with sumptuous amount of protein brings down the weight.

This is a type of traditional eating schedules adopted by many Indian families. While they skip breakfast, during dinner time breakfast items will be served that include high protein items.

This fasting method is not for those who get hungry in the morning and would like to consume important meal of the day “breakfast”.

This fasting method was popularized by Martin Berkhan, fitness expert.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 7, 2020

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