Do you hate mushroom?

Do you hate Mushrooms?

We saw poor cilantro.. now it is mushroom turn. Why people hate it?

Well, you can see the benefits of various types of mushrooms in this article here in your road to healthy life.

However, the reasons to hate mushroom are:

  1. People know they are fungus – available in big form
  2. Structure of mushroom – especially the gills, spores and stalk. Some look like mini brains, half kidney
  3. Earthy taste and associated dirt
  4. Appearance of mushroom – slimy and weird bulb
  5. Mushroom does not taste anything unless you coat them with spice and oils
  6. Unpleasant appearance when added to food
  7. Looks like they are not bathed for years! When mushroom go bad they really look bad

How to include mushroom? Probably cut mushrooms to small pieces and add to dishes. Educating oneself about the wonderful benefit of mushroom can reduce the degree of disliking.

Image credit: (CC0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 18, 2017

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