Why people hate cilantro?

Why to hate cilantro?

Do you believe this? That innocent, good looking, fragrant, medicinal and culinary herb is hated by millions of people? Cilantro is popular herb in Asian and Mexican dishes. It belongs to same family as parsley.

Seeds of cilantro commonly known as coriander seeds play important role in preparing masala spice powder for Indian curry.

It is added to curry, salad and as a seasoning herb for many Mexican dishes.

Why people hate cilantro?

If you search you will find “I hate cilantro” fan websites and gives you the reason for hating herb. According to a study conducted by University of Toranto, Canada love and hatredness towards Cilantro depends on ethnicity. Majority of Hispanics and Indians love cilantro as it is one of the key ingredient of their cuisine.

Whereas, many African decedents and Caucasians does not seem to have liking for it. Cilantro aroma is because of mainly one chemical compound the aldehyde. Coriander seeds also has glands called vittae that produce aldehyde oil.

This fragrance that most people like is hated by millions because, for them it gives off a soapy smell and flavor.

Recent studies by  consumer genetics firm 23andMeIt suggests that it is all in our DNA and our olfactory gene OR6A2 encodes receptors to make cilantro smell like soapy, hand lotion or bedbug smell or the way cilantro haters feel. And it is called Cilantrophobe genetics.

Cure for this? Take baby steps – add little by little of cilantro in dishes.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 18, 2017

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