Delicious Twelve Common And Popular Indian Vegan Foods One Must Try

Indian foods are known for their unique taste, spice and complex flavor pairings. In past decade Indian foods popularity is increasing and there is much demand for ready to eat Indian foods. Another reason for popularity of Indian food is, growing number of Vegans around the world. Recently Taste Atlas – a popular travel guide listed best rated vegan dishes of the world and seven of the Indian popular dishes are ranked in the list.

Do you know? For Indians vegan food is nothing new. Most of us Indians have grown tasting vegan food. Reason for this is, many of the Indian foods are vegan or easily can be modified to vegan friendly foods. Plant based foods that are popularly available in most Indian restaurants can be cooked without dairy products like butter, ghee or paneer. In fact, when you ask Indian chefs, they will accommodate your request to make the dish vegan. At home of most Indians, on daily basis the snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner items including curries, sambar or rice dishes are cooked as vegetarian foods can be easily modified to vegan by not adding the ingredients that make it non-vegan!  Most of the Indian foods contain lentils, herbs, grains, spices that make it to vegan dish. There are certain dishes that need ghee, paneer, yogurt but can be modified to vegan foods.

For those who love taste of meat but want to be a vegan, there are options where one can replace meat with certain plant ingredients (probably tastes like meat).

· Indian Eggplant – Tastes like seafood when seasoned with onion, tomatoes, gharam masala

· Jackfruit – considered as one of the superfoods, for non-vegetarians’ jackfruit curry looks like chicken dish. In India it is one of the popular fruit people eat during the season.

·  Cauliflower – When deep fried, cauliflower smell and taste is different.

·  Tofu -Soy based tofu is a replacement for Indian paneer.

·  Mushrooms -Adding Indian spices and certain herbs makes mushroom a popular ingredient in vegan dishes as it gives aroma of non-veg foods.

If you are a vegan and new to Indian foods, then try these popular twelve foods that are delicious and easy to prepare.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 30, 2023

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