Community communication COVID19

Community, communication and COVID-19 outbreak

We all live in different relationship dynamics, social and cultural contexts. We have our own perceptions regarding the risks that we take in life and depend on trusted source for all types of advice. This is the community we have formed, and we lead our lives depending on different factors. When it comes to health, asking and telling people what they must do and what they should not be doing, however scientific it is, it does not work always. Giving proper information that could protect their health and engaging them is more effective. Being a part of community means we have certain responsibilities to fulfil especially when it comes to epidemic and pandemic diseases like COVID-19. We all agree that everyone has a right to information, the information that protect health and lives, economic wellbeing and social fabric. Instead of spreading rumors, fear and false remedies we must help each other in containing the disease. We must cooperate and help those who help us – doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, scientists and volunteers – who are working around the clock to protect people lives need community support.

In this current pandemic COVID-19 situation what is the community role?

WHO: “Community” is a broad term that can be applied to a variety of situations. It defines a distinct group of people who have a sense of belonging together. A community may be defined through the sharing of:

• A common geographical location

• Common values or interests

• Common identity

With new technologies, a community may be totally virtual, for instance a group of people sharing interests and points of view on social media.

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Next few slides from WHO explains clearly the community and its role in containing the diseases outbreak

Community engagement during outbreak

Community engagement during outbreak

Role of healthcare workers & volunteers

Community healthcare & volunteers

Community awareness of disease

Disease outbreak & critical points

Community dynamics & dealing with outbreak

community dynamics and outbreak

Communication and disease outbreak

Valid communication of disease

Ensuring effective community engagement

Community role COVID19

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 18, 2020

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