Disease outbreak & critical points

Community awareness of disease

Ten things community must know about a outbreak -According to WHO there are ten critical things every community member should be aware of when it comes to disease outbreak. First three points are:

1. Disease outbreaks affect the social fabric of communities. A community is a social network, and infectious diseases outbreaks are deeply linked to the social life, the structure of society and people’s interactions. They spread through personal and social contacts and links at home or during professional and recreational activities.

2. Communities are the main actors in preventing, identifying, responding and recovering from the physical, psychological, social and economic impacts of epidemics. Communities are not passive subjects of interventions.

3. Epidemics are by nature rapidly evolving.  The time pressure is particularly challenging for community engagement. The beginning of the outbreak is a crucial time to build the necessary trust with the population who can break the transmission cycle. Any outbreak response that builds on existing and trusted community engagement systems and work with trusted individuals and interlocutors are more likely to succeed.

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Main article: https://healthylife.werindia.com/your-road-to-healthy-life/community-communication-and-covid-19-outbreak

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 18, 2020

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