Valid communication of disease

Achieving proper communication methods to create awareness of outbreak

Last few points are regarding how to approach outbreak, identify, communicate to stop the fear in people. In the era of social media, internet browsing – more information is available. However, to give correct information the effective community communication is needed. This can be achieved by (WHO) stopping rumors, by building trust, informing in local language and reducing the fear of outbreak.

7. The approach and messaging directed towards each community must evolve with the epidemic and incorporate new messages and communication methods as it unfolds. These messages must also proactively detect misinformation and rumors. Effective community engagement limits the opportunities for misunderstandings and the proliferation of rumors, and it mitigates the spread of fear and anxiety.

 8. Identify people that the community trusts and build relationships with them. Involve them in decision-making to ensure interventions are collaborative, contextually appropriate and that communication is community owned.

 9. Two-way communication should be achieved through the most socially acceptable and effective channels. Messages must be “translated” into local language, local context and to match the education levels and preferences (e.g. visual, written or oral cultures) of the target population. All communication with communities should be transparent, timely, easy-to-understand, acknowledge uncertainty, address affected populations, link to self-efficacy, and be disseminated using multiple platforms, methods and channels.

10. Disease creates fear which often leads to practices that further amplify the epidemic. These can be both individual and collective. They can relate to the transmission of the disease, or the stigma, and extreme stress on the ties that bind communities.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 18, 2020

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