Calcutta Dry Fruit Paan

Calcutta Dry Fruit Paan

Generally regular meetha paan stains the mouth and teeth. For those who does not want to stain the mouth much, there is an option.

Gilori calcutta paan is as delicious as regular paan and it has several health benefits.

What it contains? You need beetle leaf, dry dates, gulkand, anise seed, little sugar, Indian gooseberry, wood apple pulp, menthol a little, cardamom and little dry coconut flakes.

How to prepare: Wash betel leaf and cut into half. Take half leaf and add all ingredients one by one. At the end add coconut flakes, close the leaf and serve by inserting a clove or cherry on top.

Health benefits: This paan apart from helping in digestion, reduces heaviness of system. It also supplies dry fruits – dates, Indian gooseberry and wood apple pulp. All these dry fruits stimulates digestive system and enhances metabolism. Along with it also supplies iron and helps in blood circulation.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 31, 2018

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