Brahmacharya yama- Celibacy

Brahmacharya yama- Celibacy

Brahmacharya yama- Celibacy

Celibacy or Brahmacharya traditionally refers to abstinence of the young yogis who control their desires during early part of lives in order to become yogis before taking complete family responsibility. It also means containment of any kind of energy and sexual energy. Containment of energy and using that energy to practice and achieve greater things in life is strict brahmacharya practice.  This element of yama not only refers to mindfulness around sex, but also being mindful in spending energy and not wasting energy for unnecessary things and materials. It is using energy for oneself to get clarity and a sense of respect for others and oneself.

Practicing celibacy, will help us to hold onto the energy and we will learn when to make use of creative energy skillfully and positively. According to Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar “Brahmacharya has little to do with whether one is a bachelor or married and living the life of a householder. One must translate the higher aspects of brahmacharya in one’s daily living. It is not necessary for one’s salvation to stay unmarried and without a house … Without experiencing human love and happiness, it is not possible to know divine love.”

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 8, 2019

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