Bone health in your 50s

Bone Health in your 50s

At this age you have done all that you can to optimize your skeleton.

Now you must step it up, especially if you are a women entering menopause, a time when estrogen levels drop and bone loss begins.

The 50s is when we see an increase in wrist fractures and spine fractures. Pay attention to falls and protecting your spine bones.

As a woman, to live a bone healthy life:

  • Get a bone density test if you have broken a bone or have a risk for breaking a bone.
  • Eat 3-4 servings of foods that are rich in calcium.
  • Consider a vitamin D supplement.
  • Pay attention to body mechanics to protect your bones from breaking.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity that involves weight, like running, tennis, or weight training.
  • Modify exercise programs like yoga and Pilates to avoid loaded flexion and twisting movements.
  • Improve your balance and posture in all of your daily activities.
  • Stop multitasking when you walk.
  • Do not smoke or vape.
  • Moderate your alcohol use.
  • Talk with your doctor if you develop any medical condition, to see how it might affect your bone health.
  • Ask your doctor if you take a medication about how it might affect your bone health.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 22, 2022

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