Adulterated Foods - How can we test adulterated food?

Adulterated, Fake Foods – How can we test adulterated food?

Adulteration of food commonly defined as ‘the addition or subtraction of any substance to or from the  food  so that the natural composition and quality of the food is altered. Adulteration of food can be intentional or unintentional. When intentional -food is adulterated by either adding or removing something from the food so that the texture of the natural food is totally changes. Unintentional adulteration happens because of careless or lack of facilities while handling or manufacturing the food.

The common person unfortunately remains largely unaware of these adulteration facts and will be subjected to misery. It can act on consumer’s health and can risk children life. Some of the common foods that gets adulterated are milk, milk products, flour, condiments, edible oils, coffee, tea, confectioneries,  curry powder, besan powder, baking powder, non-alcoholic beverages , vinegar, cereals and pulses. Consumer awareness is one of the solution to make public aware of these adulteration of food.  FSSAI, of India has come up with several Quick test for Some adulteration of common foods. Let us see how we can detect adulteration of few foods.

Reference and Image sources:

Milk adulteration:

Milk Adulteration

Ghee adulteration:

Ghee Adulteration

Sugar and jaggery adulteration

Jaggery Adulteration


Cereals, pulses and condiments adulteration

Plastic Rice - Be careful


Flour and other powder adulteration:

Powder Adulteration


Tea and coffee adulteration:

Coffee Adulteration


Other food adulterations:

Honey - Pure & Fake

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 15, 2015

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