Cereals, pulses and condiments adulteration

Cereals, pulses and condiments adulteration

Adulteration of cereals and pulses are very common and the visual test is the only solution for this problem. Be careful when you buy cereals and pulses – make sure there is no worms, visible dusts, flies, wood pieces etc.

Food grains: Marbles, stones, sand particles, clay particles, soil, husk, soap pieces, straw pieces, damaged grain, insects and insect eggs, rodent excreta.

Pulses: Kesari daal adulteration with yellow color,  saw dust, husk, stones in all pulses.

Black mustard seed: Adding argemon seedss which is dangerous for health and it caused epidemic dropsy.

Wheat and bajra: Ergot fungus which appears like grain that floats when put in water and datura seeds that are highly poisonous. Datura seeds are flat with blacking brown color in the edges.

Black pepper: Papaya seeds mix and light black pepper seeds that are quality rejected. Put few seeds of black pepper in alcohol. Papaya and light seeds will float and heavy black pepper seeds will settle down at bottom.

White rice: Plastic rice adulteration: Recently in Kerala plastic rice is detected in white rice. According to recent reports the rice that are coming from China is made by mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic. The rice stays hard even after being cooked and the soup forms a plastic sheath on its layer. This sheath while after drying burns like plastic.

Peanuts: small stones and pebbles

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 15, 2015

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