Other food Adulterations

Other food adulterations

Iodized salt:

Salt: Iodized salt will be adulterated with plain salt.  Cut a potato piece and add iodized salt on the potato piece. Wait for few minutes and add lemon juice. If blue color develops then – it is iodized salt as the label claims. If not it is just plain salt.

Common salt:

Chalk powder: Dissolve salt in water and observe for color change. If chalk powder is present in the salt then it will settle down at bottom and also color of the water changes to light white.


Dried tendrils of maize: When put in water real saffron will not break easily and as long as it lasts saffron keeps releasing color.

Coconut oil:

With other edible oils: Place a bottle of coconut oil in refrigerator.  After sometime coconut oil freezes and other edible oil will separate without freezing.


Sugar water: Honey is often adulterated with water to increase the bottle’s quantity. The best way to ensure that is not the case, dip a cotton wick in pure honey and light it with a matchstick. If there is water in the jar it won’t allow the honey to burn.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 15, 2015

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