Acupressure tips

Acupressure tips

Tips to give acupressure : If you are considering giving acupressure to yourself or your near ones, keep in mind few important points before proceeding.

  1. Read, learn about acupressure – why and what is the purpose of giving acupressure?
  2. Do not give acupressure to pregnant women and to serious ailments. Balancing act can go wrong in the body causing serious injury, if not properly treated with pressure points.
  3. Use middle finger to press into the acupressure point firmly for two to three minutes. Use index and ring fingers for the support on either side.
  4. Adjust the pressure according to your feeling on the point. It should not cause pain. If you are treating someone then ask them how the pressure feels, if there is pain then stop the process. Pain interferes with energy flow.
  5. Apply slow, firm and deep pressure to stimulate the point.
  6. When massaging and pressing, relax and hold the pressure at 90-degree angle. Deep breath few times.
  7. One can repeat the massage as often as they like.

While giving acupressure:

  • Give yourself sometime. Be patient and consistent. 
  • Sit or lie down -whichever is comfortable position
  • Relax, breathe deeply, close your eyes to understand the energy flow
  • Massage point in small rotating or up and down movement.

There are hundreds of different acupressure points in our body. The most common acupressure points for few common illnesses you can reference through in next few slides.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 19, 2021

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