Chavutti Thirumal Traditional Foot massage

Chavutti Thirumal Traditional Foot massage

To keep body and mind in harmony we all need physical activities. To increase flexibility, strength of joints, muscles, and ligaments and, to increase inner fluidity of the body “traditional” yoga helps. There are different yoga poses and different forms of yoga one can learn to reach inner peace and balance.  During 12th Century AD warriors from Kerala (Southern India) developed a type of special massage called Chavutti Thirumal which means Massage by Foot Pressure.

Chavutti Thirumal is an ancient Kalari martial art that has been used from over 2000 years ago.  brings wellbeing of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of life. During peacetime Kerala warriors practiced Chavutti Thirumal along with yoga, Ayurveda and Kathakali dance to stay flexible and fit. This massage helps to keep fluidity of the body while increasing the flexibility and strength of muscle, ligaments, and joints. It differs from other massage types because of the practitioner uses feet for most of the treatment. The powerful stroke of feet helps to get good massage. Flowing strokes helps to iron out knots and kinks in muscle and helps to relax.  The main aim of this ancient therapy is to restore overall balance of the body. Chavutti massage is gaining popularity because of its health benefits.

During the chavutti massage, feet is used to apply pressure instead of hands. While holding a rope for support therapist hangs down and move over client’s body with controlled pressure using feet in long sweeping movements. The key is, execution of specific amounts of pressure on various parts of the body in this massage. Special oils are used to enhance the therapy benefit.

Reason for using feet is- feet and leg has more strength than hands. Initially it might feel uncomfortable, but the outcome of this massage is very relaxing and tension free mind and body.  Chavutti is done while client lying on floor or mat.

Benefits of Chavutti Thirumal:

  • It releases tension in the entire body.
  • Any tension in muscle and back releases with the feet massage.
  • Releases stiffness in joints and any type of restricted movement that raised from too little or too much of physical activities.
  • Increases energy flow and body circulation
  • Aids body in detoxification and encourages self-healing
  • Improves quality of sleeps
  • It helps in breakdown of cellulite
  • Increases flexibility and improves body image
  • Improves lung activity, reduces chronic cardiac problems
  • It strengthens muscle, opens hips and thoracic area.
  • Increases energy channels of the metabolism
  • Releases muscle tension, releases mental stress and stimulate metabolism – all these three are essential for one to feel good about oneself. This has positive impact on body image, boosts confidence and improves quality of life.

Chavutti Thirumal is a specialized massage. It is recommended for athletes, dancers, people who work in fields with heavy tools, for those who are do desk jobs and travel a lot in addition to those who need to keep energy level and stay focused.  It is not recommended for people who are suffering from broken bones, pregnant women, cancer patients and different serious conditions. Only qualified and licensed massage therapist must perform the massage. Therapist will use hands only to apply oil and to give finishing touch after massage. At the end the Chavutti Thirumal therapy leaves one feel happy, relaxed, energized, and focused.!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 26, 2022

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