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How to reduce last few pounds?

After working hard and shedding many pounds you want to look slim and fit and you want to reach your goal as soon as possible. But, there is a problem? You got to the dreaded last five pounds, and it is proving to be difficult to lose that weight even after trying hard. Isn’t it?

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Meaningful relationship

What is a meaningful relationship?

What is meaningful relationship? Listen to grandma

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Grandma's Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

Do not throw squeezed lemon peels. Put one or two peels in the bottom of the cooker with water.

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Keep Ajwain Seeds Handy

Keep Ajwain Seeds In The Kitchen

Carom or ajwain has several such good reasons to store in the kitchen.

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Coke can be a good helper

25 different ways to use Coke

In olden days drinking to conquer thirst, people used to drink coconut water, lemon juice, butter milk, sweetened rice water, Borassus water and plain water.

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Time and money saving easy beauty tips!

Time and money saving easy beauty tips!

Do you know you can save trips to beauty parlor if you use these herbs and save on both your time and money?

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Advice for Expecting Mothers

Advice For Expectant Mothers

Remember – Baby while growing in your womb can understand your feelings and can related to your thoughts.

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Beauty and Salt

Beauty and salt

Salt has several other benefits apart from adding to get taste in the food. Salt helps in getting clear skin and healthy look. See yourself…

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